Chris is an IdentityOps Nerd who founded zibernetics in 2015 to help companies build better, safer cloud operations. Under zibernetics Chris has consulted for startups migrating their operations to AWS, customers implementing HiTRUST, and customer identity and access management solutions for Large Home Improvement Retailers. Currently, Chris is the Identity Architect and Technical Lead for a Top 10 Entertainment Company building and integrating a Universal Identity Profile across all cable, news, financial, and sporting network brands.

He loves to take on new challenges in DevOps, AWS, Linux, Identity and Access Management, Cloud Architecture, and all topics identity and security.

He has been an avid supporter of the Austin technology scene for over 20 years and does volunteer work for (and hangs out at) Capital Factory, is Editor of the Austin Startup Digest, and checks out meetups as often as he can .


Chris has been in Austin a long, long time. He’s worked in quality, engineering, and delivery as an individual contributor, senior leader and an Executive. And finally, He’s a Native Texan who loves the Austin food and music scene, lakes, and motorcycles.