• Directory Services etime redux

    I previously wrote about Directory Services etime Analysis where I showed how awk and jq can be powerful tools for working with ForgeRock Directory Services logs. In this blog post I take it a step further and improve the code to:

    • Fully support Linux dates including millisecond precision
    • Specify a start and end time for the analysis (down to the millis)
    • Support for relative dates (see Linux: info date)
    • Added a feature to filter raw logs
    • Added a overall transaction summary to the report
    • Made a standalone script that can be used as-is.
    • Option to output a CSV file
  • Fixing Directory Services conflicted entries

    As a ForgeRock Directory Services owner/operator one has to regularly review logs to catch any number of operational problems that may surface. On problem that you may encounter are conflicted entries.

  • Directory Services etime Analysis

    I was recently preparing for an upcoming event where participants can vote for their favorite artist. My work consists of running JMeter load testing on BlazeMeter to simulate high volume spikes we get during the event. Long story short, I forgot to disable Splunk log forwarding during the test and started flooding our Splunk instance with audit logs. Since it’s a shared resource and has daily limits, an hour or two of load testing can impact other users, and even shutdown logging in the case of repeated incidents.

  • Bash shell completion for OpenAM/OpenDJ

    Ludovic Poitou, ForgeRock’s OpenDJ Product Manager, blogs about about OpenDJ a bit. One of his posts shows a simple technique for adding a bash shell completion for OpenDJ’s administrative tool, dsconfig. I liked it because it makes access to the CLI help for dsconfig more convenient. Since I’ve been doing a lot of work with OpenDJ and OpenAM recently, I thought I’d improve it.